Dating a guy with diabetes type 1

This Is What It’s Like to Date When You Have an ‘Invisible.

You don’t want to sacrifice your health just to keep a secret.

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Here is a scenario we don’t want to think about: You pass out from low blood sugar and are seizing.

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Diabetes dating Horizon Beach Resort

He supports me when I don’t feel well and he helps me remember I need to do my best to stay healthy because I deserve it.

Type 2 Diabetes - Reversal with Lifestyle Change - Diabetes Ireland.

You don’t have to be a drama queen and start telling him “I have this terrible disease…” Just be straht forward and let him know that your favorite color is red, you love shoes, you hate liars, and you are a type 1 diabetic. What I mean is…as you are talking about yourselves and getting to know each other, make sure you mention the diabetes. Also, all your secret long trips to the bathroom to check your sugar and give insulin mht worry him if he doesn’t know what it is about.

Dating a guy with diabetes type 1:

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